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FCB: Fluorochemicals business operates in a very dynamic environment which apart from being very competitive due to global
competitors also deals with hazardous chemicals, regulatory environment, and ever-changing technology. There has been
continuous focus on new products due to reduced product life cycles for example HCFC 22 to be phased out by 2030 and HFC
by 2045. The business is linked directly to the changes in world especially linked to the environmental requirements. Major
volumes come from export markets where the competition is with the MNC and Chinese players. This requires continuous
reinvention of strategies which can differentiate us from others to compete globally. The key raw material for this business are
imported and dependence on China which makes it quite challenging along with some of the hazardous chemicals locally like
Chlorine. There is continuous focus on cost reduction to achieve cost competitiveness and on the other hand build a strong
brand soasto competewith both Chineseand global players.
We are the Producer of HFCs; HFC-134a, HFC-32, HFC-125 and HFC Blends; 410A, 404A, 407C, 600a in India an compete
globally with 15 to 20 large producers acrossthe world. FCB isthe market leader in Refrigerants(FLORON Brand) with a wide
product range and distribution reach. We are in the process of capacity expansion as well as launching new products.
We have also introduced adjacent products like AC Airpure and applications like brazing gas Cans under our SUPERTRON
brand (non-refrigerant category).
Propellants offer good opportunity to FCB (DYMEL Brand). We have a global presence and have good growth potential.
Business has built capabilitiesto overcome the challenges associated with running an USFDA approved business.
A new facility is also being setup to produce 100,000 MT of CMS at Dahej which is an addition to the existing facility at Dahej &
Bhiwadi. FCB is looking at harnessing its current position and capability to grow the IC vertical into a large size business with
product offeringsinto MDC, CTC, Chloroform, TCE, PCE,DHF,AHCL under brand name SHAKTI.
FCB is venturing into a new vertical of Fluoro Polymer (FP) that has numerous applications. PTFE is used in chemicals, textile,
automobile, electrical, semiconductor, aerospace and lots of other applications. PTFE is a non-melt processable polymer
and is processed to makefinished products using molding plussintering technologies,somewhat akinapowdermetallurgy.
FCB has put up a pilot facility for new-gen refrigerants and applications development. This will enable usto move from HFCs to
HFOsin future.
FCB is positioned well in the domestic market and is currently building the same position in global markets for Refrigerant
gases, Propellants, and Industrial Chemicals.
Challenges of the role:
1 LargenumberofRegulatorychanges,
2 System related Issues/problems come in the way of timely closing of monthly accounts 3 Large
number of projects are going on.
Decision Making Boundaries:
Delegation of Power granted to this position issufficient to take care of all routine operations. Guidance is available
from BCFO(SCB),Dy.Head (F&A-FCB) and from the Corporate (Finance).

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